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June 18, 2010 / youshiguo

Youshi Guo….what’s that?

Youshi Guo logo

First off, I would like to give a short introduction of our company.  Who we are, what our product does and how it can affect your life! So….here we go.

Who we are.
The Founders of Youshi Guo (pronounced “yo she go”) have firsthand knowledge of and amazing stories to tell about the health benefits and overall sense of well-being that consuming these fruits can bring.  However, they found getting a “whole food” and “organic” supply of them hard to come by at any price. The fruits require specific climates and soil to grow, and must be harvested and consumed quickly to maintain their nutritional properties–an expensive and difficult process.  Many of the products currently on the market that carry the “superfruit” names either contain only a small amount or have been processed to the point that many if not most of the health benefits have been diminished or destroyed altogether.

So, they did what all successful entrepreneurs do…they developed their own supply line, and have created a company that offers the opportunity for anyone to become healthier in their body and their pocketbook!  Youshi Guo offers all you need to make it happen.

What does Youshi Guo do?
This is question actually has two answers.  Youshi Guo can improve your health, but it can also give you an additional income.  We will go into detail on this at a later time.

How can Youshi Guo affect your life?
Please see the answer above!

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